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DMCA: Copyrighted Content Removal Policy 2020

Plugstuck Afrik a subsidiary of Plugstuck ENT., an Internet & Website Company fully registered with CAC (BN 2709928) respects the rights of copyright holders and will work with the said copyright holders to ensure that infringing material is removed. We monitor all files we upload to make sure that copyrighted material is not uploaded.

If Plugstuck Afrik has infringed on your copyright or the copyright of someone you represent and You want your media files and/or content to be removed from our database.

Plugstuck Afrik will respond to “any and all take-down requests” that comply with the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other applicable intellectual property laws.

Please do send the following informations to;

• Name / Name of Organization

• Phone Number

• Email Address,

• Title of Media/Content

• The URL of the Post you are referring to.

We apologize for infringing on your copyright. Thanks