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#Bitcoin Falls: Report suggests that ‘Double Spend’, a critical flaw in the Cryptocurrency is responsible for Bitcoin fall by 11%. (What is Double Spend?)

Bitcoin Double Spend!!!…Yesterday, the Leading Digital Currency, fell as much as 11%, after a report from BitMEX Research suggested that a critical flaw called “double spend” had occurred in the Bitcoin block-chain.   It’s no

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BREAKING NEWS: “WhatsApp has made a mockery out of our Fundamental Right to Privacy as more than 25 million users join ‘Telegram’ in the last 72 hours and ‘Signal’ currently ranks at the top”

New WhatsApp Privacy Policy! WhatsApp is facing a legal challenge in India, its biggest market, after a petition was filed on Thursday before Delhi High Court, over the upcoming change in the Facebook-owned app’s data-sharing

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#20years: US Federal prosecutors officially charge Hushpuppi for fraud. Faces 20 years in US prison if found Guilty

Bitcoin merchant account! Ramon Olorunwa Abbas a.k.a. “Ray Hushpuppi” now faces a statutory maximum sentence of 20 years in a US federal prison after being extradited from Dubai to the United States.     Hushpuppi

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