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Dangote Investment: “Aliko Dangote Trending Scandal and Rendevouz plus All You Need To Know!” (Read Full Gist, Watch Videos)4 min read

Dangote investment!!!…and I ask, Is this also one of Dangote Investment? LOL. Plus, it may interest you to know about Aliko Dangote’s Marital Life. (Read Here).

An American restauranteur identified as Bea Lewis, broke the internet on Friday, 1st of January, 2021, when she alleged that Nigerian industrialist and Forbes-Recognized Richest Man in Africa, Aliko Dangote , dated her and broke her heart in ‘‘1000 pieces”.

Ms. Bea Lewis, who broke the news on her Instagram page at New Year’s Eve wrote;

“I dated the richest black man in the world. He broke my heart into 1000 pieces. I learned more from him than any person I’ve ever met. Communicating with a billionaire daily makes you see the world differently,” she wrote.

Lewis runs Atlanta Meal Prep, which provides local cuisine, and promotes a healthy lifestyle through proper dieting while Hush Dinner Club, which she also owns, has hosted dinner events for over 1000 subscribers.

In the post which appeared to be a reflection of the year 2020, Lewis shared pictures of herself and Aliko Dangote alongside a Valentine’s Day card addressed to him.

In the lengthy post, she said that dating Africa’s richest man earned her a consistent fitness regime and made her become vegan.


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Lewis also alleged that her brief spell with Dangote got her a profitable stock portfolio, changed her perspective on work ethics, and upped her overall finance.

Further listing her achievements, the not-so Aliko Dangote wife added:

“I became more organized and finally I’m able to step away from the daily kitchen operations. I learned to love without strings. Give your best without expectations. Nothing is forever.

“I realized a half a million-dollar restaurant project was a bad investment. I purchased two properties. I started a consistent fitness regime. Became vegan. Obtained a profitable stock portfolio,” she said.

“He changed my perspective on work ethic and patience. Once my mindset changed the universe gravitated me to people that uplifted me and increased my net worth mentally and financially. To 2021 and powerful encounters. Lewis also shared what appeared to be a stock certificate and investments.”


How Did Aliko Dangote Become the Richest Person in Africa?

For the tenth (10th) time in a row, Aliko Dangote was named the richest man in Africa in 2021, with an estimated net worth of $11.8 billion.

The business empire he began to build more than three decades (30yrs) ago, Dangote Group, is one of the largest private-sector employers in Nigeria as well as the most valuable conglomerate in West Africa.

At the age of 21, Dangote borrowed $3,000 from his uncle to import and sell agricultural commodities in Nigeria, his native country. His business venture quickly became a success, and as a result, he managed to repay the entire loan within three (3) months of starting operations.

Ultimately, Dangote was able to turn a local commodities trading business into a multibillion-dollar corporation.


Early Life and Education of the Richest African and The Dangote investment.

Born in 1957, Dangote grew up in an entrepreneurial household in Kano State, Nigeria. He was raised Muslim and lived an upper-class life.

Dangote’s grandfather, Sanusi Dantata, was once named one of the wealthiest people living in Kano. He made his fortune selling commodities like oats and rice. Dantata became Dangote’s guardian in 1965 after the death of his father.

Having spent much of his childhood with his grandfather, Dangote quickly became interested in the world of business, once saying, “I can remember when I was in primary school, I would go and buy cartons of sweets [sugar boxes] and I would start selling them just to make money. I was so interested in business, even at that time.” At age 21, Dangote graduated from Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, considered one of Islam’s most prestigious universities. It was there the budding entrepreneur furthered his education in business.

Welcome to Dangote Cement Plc- “Information about the Stock”.

Dangote Cement shares have been listed and traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange under the symbol DANGCEM since 2010.

In order to buy shares in Dangote Cement, you need the assistance of a stockbroker who is licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) to purchase securities on your behalf. You may access a list of licensed and active stockbrokers on the web site of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Here’s what you must do:

Step 1: Complete the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) account opening form Step 2: Complete the stockbrokers account opening form Step 3: Submit required documents (2 passport photos, identification and utility bill) to your stockbroker Step 4: Fund your brokerage account Step 5: Submit your trade order We have linked below a couple of useful websites that show the steps required to purchase shares.

You can download an electronic copy of the Report and Accounts from here . You can also obtain a hard copy by contacting the Dangote investment and Investor Relations team via email: (dangotecement.com)

Dangote Cement Investors Relations team can be reached via email:

Dangote Cement was incorporated on January 4, 1992.

Information on the Board of Directors and their responsibilities can be found here. Dangote Cement’s independent auditor is KPMG.

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