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Russian President Vladimir Putin

WTH!: “Russian President, Vladimir Putin, signs bill giving Russian Presidents and their families lifetime immunity from prosecution for crimes”2 min read

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed legislation that will grant Former Presidents a Lifetime immunity from ‘prosecution for crimes once they leave office’.


The bill, which was published online yesterday, Tuesday, December 22, gives Former Russian Presidents and their families immunity from prosecution for crimes committed during their lifetime.


They will also be exempted from questioning by police or investigators, as well as searches or arrests.

Russian President Vladimir Putin


The legislation was part of constitutional amendments that were approved this summer in a nationwide vote that allowed Putin to remain president until 2036 as he would have had to step down in 2024. (Also Read)



Prior to the bill becoming law, former presidents were immune from prosecution only for crimes committed while in office.


It was also noted that a Former President can still be stripped of immunity if accused of treason or other grave crimes, and the charges confirmed by the Supreme and Constitutional courts.


They will additionally grant Former Presidents a lifetime seat in the Federation Council or Senate, a position that assures immunity from prosecution upon leaving the presidency.

Russian President Vladimir Putin


Recall in previous news,


Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law, the constitutional change that could keep him in power for another 16 years.


Last week,  67-year-old Putin made an appearance in parliament to stand for an amendment that would give him a chance to ignore a constitutional ban on him running again in 2024.


The Kremlin has revealed in a statement that Putin signed off the constitutional changes on Saturday just three days (3) after it was passed through the Russian parliament with only one vote against it.


Russia’s constitution will now approve the changes after a nationwide vote on the amendments to the constitution planned for April 22.


Under this current law, Putin would not be able to run for president again in 2024 because of term limits (CONTINUE HERE)

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