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Renua Giwa

SHOCKING REVELATION! (PT.2): “How my pastor Dad continually raped me from age 7 till I had miscarriage and almost died of sepsis” – Nigeria lady cries out (watch video)2 min read

Renua Giwa-Amu story continues here (Read Previous)…People make strange choices indeed; I have never understood the adults in my life who had power to create positive change over certain situations and just simply never did. Some lack courage, some lack intuition, maybe others simply believe this is how the world works and don’t bother trying to fight anymore.


Thankfully, the world has beaten, pissed on and shot me down enough (starting with a father like you) it has become a source of pride, joy, excitement, happiness and even vindictive pleasure for me to help make it a safer place, even just a little, by putting my feminist money where my mouth is and outing your miserable depraved self to the world and whomever might be concerned with this message.


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To people associated with us both who try and guilt me into forgiving you, I sincerely hope they find either the healing or direction to understand why it is they feel personally incensed to police the tone and actions of a former child sex slave, or why they are willing to stick their necks out for a continuously harmful sexually offensive perpetrator who is wanted in several states across the world.


Renua Giwa

His current piggybank/wife has vulnerable & unwell children, and built him a makeshift church with a budding congregation over which he presided as pastor and held sermons. Some others have whispered of his political aspirations of seeking glory in the footsteps of his father who was once an Attorney-General of the old Mid-west States of Nigeria.


Renua Giwa-Amu says sentiments and forgiveness aside, the man is still doing the things that nearly ruined my life, to others. And that alone makes me sick to my stomach. Someone needs to stop this madness before it affects a child you know, you knew or once trusted him with. (Continue Reading PT. 3)


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