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Obafemi Giwa-Amu

SHOCKING REVELATION! (PT.5): “How my pastor Dad continually raped me from age 7 till I had miscarriage and almost died of sepsis” – Nigeria lady cries out2 min read

Obafemi Giwa-Amu! Story continues here (Read Previous)…I want you to know that my new, fulfilled and much happier family is made up of the abandoned projects you neither truly cared for as a husband nor father, and we were the only ones who loved you so blindly enough that while you destroyed us everyday on the inside, your kids only ever wanted to make you proud.

Renua Giwa-Amu dead

The awful, scary truth is that we would have stuck by you through anything till the end of whatever this “family experiment” was for you, and could have helped you learn a better conscience and ways to take care of yourself. Instead, you freed us with your selfish departure and really, that is the one thing I can honestly say I will never stop thanking you for.


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Renua Giwa-Amu dead

You being a selfish piece of shit is eventually always going to be the best thing that happens to the people around you, because you will always plan to leave them when it suits you to change “sleeves”, as you once called me.


One day though, you will run out of the means and channels to find new victims, and I want to hope that you remember not to be audacious enough to attempt manipulating any of your old discarded hostages into taking care of you. Most certainly not me. If you don’t want to suffer, my advice to you is that you either start saving some scammy bucks for old age, or you just find a private place where nobody else will be bothered & kill yourself.


I can’t speak for my siblings, but me sha, I know old age is creeping on you around the corner and even if you ever c(Continue Reading PT. 6)

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