Meet the Giwa-Amu Family! Story continues- Welcome To Plugstuck Afrik
Meet the Giwa-Amu Family

SHOCKING REVELATION! (PT.6): “How my pastor Dad continually raped me from age 7 till I had miscarriage and almost died of sepsis” – Nigeria lady cries out2 min read

Meet the Giwa-Amu Family! Story continues here (Read Previous)…Let me be clear, for summary and support: you do not exist. We do not speak of you. Your name has been changed mentally so that even in casual conversation we reference you as Jack or John or something, I forget.


You need to know that what you did to me, your family, siblings, and all the poor people you took advantage of literally broke your father’s heart when he found out.


What you were doing to me and the poor people of Apapa & Ebute-Metta he trusted you to care for, not to smuggle, rape and pillage, devastated my poor Gramps. It deeply disappointed him; he fell so sick that he never recovered and I finally remember why you never wanted Renua Giwa-Amu to tell anybody how & when you found out that my grandfather was sick. You killed him, plundered his estates to sell my birthrights away and ensure your siblings would have to suffer. (READ ALSO-Meet the Giwa-Amu Family)

Renua Giwa-Amu dead



You can kill me tomorrow, the way you hired killers to track down & kill my mother for surviving the years of mental warfare and trauma you put her through including your messy stint in America (when you fled from Atlanta to Nigeria hiding from the FBI who are still hoping to catch you for the crimes of your drugs smuggling and child sex trafficking ring all over the entire state).


You could even succeed in ending me and it still wouldn’t matter because now, it’s actually worth it for me to die knowing I did for myself as an adult what I needed someone to do for me as a child, and to have survived here now. Nigerians might be an ignorant, unhelpful and irritatingly enabling lot when it comes to listening to children over the messy adults in their lives, but we are also a very very VERY nosy lot.


READ ALSO: Renua Giwa-Amu is Dead!

Even if it’s just for the gist, people will certainly have lots of inconvenient, nasty lingering questions about my disappearance if it occurs too swiftly after sharing this truth, especially in a country like ours where everybody knows you have henchmen & cronies on speed dial. By all means please, make Renua Giwa-Amu a martyr, I’ve enjoyed my time here and will go in peace.

Just in case your sorry, loathsome, dimwitted, tiny egg balloon dick having self still is unfortunately dumb enough to spite your own soul and seek me out, pray you don’t find me. If you do? Better turn heel and flee like it’s the FBI approaching. Because it just might be.


You fucking failure of a son & fraudster.”

You continually raped me as a seven year old child until I almost died of sepsis- Nigerian lady calls out her father who is a clergyman

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