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Deeper Life High School Uyo

#JusticeForDonDavis: “Nigerians I am not Safe! If I Die, Let History Have What Killed Me!” – Mother of Boy Sexually Violated In Deeper Life High School Cries Out (Watch Trending Video)2 min read

Deeper Life High School Uyo with hashtag #deeperlifehighschool is currently trending and here is the reason why! Before You Take Your Child To Boarding School (WATCH THIS VIDEO) Facebook User, Anwulika Udanoh weighs in.

Iniobong Archibong, Father of Don Davis, a student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, who was sexually molested by his seniors, has revealed that the school authorities told the family to withdraw the case to cover up the assault.

In the viral video shared on Facebook, Mrs Deborah Okezie had cried out to Nigerians, pleading for help to get justice for her son who had been molested by his senior students and starved consistently at the Uyo Campus of the school despite the full payment of school fees.

According to information obtained from the video, the mother had gone to pick him up on Friday from the school and was the last person to pick up her child there.


However, she noticed that he was sick and had not been attended to. The mother also alleged that she noticed her son was not able to sit properly, which prompted her to check his buttocks. From the look of his anus, Deborah said her son had been sexually molested as this was later confirmed by doctors at the hospital where Don Davis was taken.


He was put on a drip at the hospital and is currently on the 12th one. Don Davis claimed that his seniors in the school inserted their fingers into his anus. (Read the Story of Sexually Molested Female Teenagers)


Archibong stated that the State Superintendent of the Church, Deeper Life Christian Ministry, had visited the hospital where the boy was being attended to alongside the Principal of the school, Ndidi Solomon, Chairman of the School’s Medical Forum and another Prominent Member of the School Board.



He said,

“The superintendent said he approves N2.2 million every week for the feeding of the students and that he didn’t understand why this could have happened. He said the principal has to explain.” The distraught father said rather than explain, the principal was begging on her knees.

Deeper Life High School Uyo

However, in this recent viral video, Mother of the boy, Mrs Deborah Okezie, has now cried out for help, calling out intimidation from the State Commissioner of Education, stating that her Life and that of her family is no longer safe! (Watch Here)

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