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“Our Heroes Past Didn’t Labour, They Looted.” – Twitter Influencer, Dr. Olufunmilayo weighs in on the UK parliament debate on #EndSARS crisis (watch full video)2 min read

Social Media Influencers on twitter, of which @DrOlufunmilayo is one of them has tweeted saying;

The true history of this country has been suppressed, over-summarized and deliberately sugarcoated. Schools lied and made us regard any head of state as an automatic “hero” even if that person is a war criminal, a thief or a bandit. No. Being a hero is earned. It is NOT given.


These Social Media Influencers further tweeted;



The UK parliament on Monday, November 23, debated a petition seeking to impose sanctions on Nigerian Government officials involved in the shooting incident that occurred during the #EndSARS protest in Lekki on October 20. (READ HERE)


The debate stemmed from a petition started by Silas Ojo and retweeted by Nigerian Celebrities during the heat of the #EndSARS protest. The petition garnered more than 220,000 signatories, crossing the 100,000 mark needed for a petition to be debated by the lawmakers.


Watch Full Video of UK Parliament as they Debates Possible Sanctions against Nigerian Officials over #EndSARS


However one of the highlights of the debate was the moment a Member of the UK Parliament urged his government to place sanctions on Nigerians who flee to the UK with ill-gotten wealth. He also spoke about Nigeria’s former military ruler, Yakubu Gowon’s alleged looting of the Central Bank of Nigeria.


He said;


“What we are seeing in Nigeria today is part of that story. It is a tragedy we are all witnessing because we see things falling apart.

“The problem this time is not foreign pressure known as colonialism. The pressure instead is corruption and violence and attempts at control (of power).

“We need to call out the corruption, we need to use the powers that we have in this country to stop those who are profiting from the wealth of that great nation and hiding it here.

“Now some people will remember when general Gowon left Nigeria, he took half of the Central Bank, so it is said, and moved to London….Continue in Video below.

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