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Boko haram attacks

BREAKING: DJ Switch Leaves Nigeria as She is Given Asylum In Canada To Testify Before Canadian Parliament…2 min read

Nigerian Armed Forces ! SMH! Debunking claims by the Nigerian Armed Forces that soldiers shot blank bullets into the air, DJ Switch insisted that the military men shot at the protesters. (See Here)

She told the Canadian parliament that she counted not less than seven (7) persons shot, adding that one of the soldiers threatened to shoot her.


Nigerian Army


In her words,

“On October 20, 2020, we had spirited Nigerians there united with one goal against police brutality against bad governance.

“What started out as a protest against police brutality with the unit called SARS unfortunately degenerated into something I still find hard to reconcile within my heart.

“We got information that the government wants to see me and six other people and I remember saying to them that we have no leader and if the government wanted to speak with us, he should kindly come to the toll gate and address Nigerians because we have been out for eleven days.

As we didn’t know where the gunshots were coming from and what they are about and then the lights went off.

“I remembered the military came in first, they stopped shooting at some point and I walked up to one of them and I asked why he was shooting at us and he said he had express order from above, and I was coming too close to him and if I come too close, it would be considered an attack on him and he would have to shoot.

It didn’t take another ten minutes, the shooting started again. I remember seeing seven people that have been shot down and we were telling people on my live Instagram to help us call an ambulance.


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According to her, she’s been in hiding following threats to her life by unknown people.

She further revealed that, she initially thought it was an empty threat until she received a call that the military were trying to arrest her.

“I have been on the move because they have been after my life. The first threat came in, I thought it was a joke, I sincerely thought it was a joke.

“Just as I was leaving, I got a phone call that I should leave the vicinity because there are military men at the hospital.

“I had to abandon my home, I moved from people’s home, and then just to get out of Nigeria. I am still travelling, and I am not done with my trip.” She said.

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[…] READ MORE: BREAKING: DJ Switch Leaves Nigeria as She is Given Asylum In Canada To Testify Before Can… […]

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