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Sparkle App Free

Tech News, #SparkleApp: All about the Sparkle App and Why you need to have yours! (See Q&A)2 min read

Download Sparkle App Free Here! (Android Users) Did You Know? Uzoma Dozie one of the Executives from the now defunct Diamond Bank is one of the Creators of Sparkle App (Read Here)



Q1: What is the difference between the Sparkle physical and virtual cards?

Here are some of the differences between the Sparkle physical and virtual card:
– Security: Physical cards come with 3D secure, a two-factor authentication. This means that you will need an OTP to complete your transactions when you use a physical card. For virtual cards, it comes with a dynamic CVV2 which means that you get a new CVV for every transaction
– Cost: Virtual cards are more affordable than the physical cards as your first virtual card is free while the subsequent virtual cards cost NGN 500.
Sparkle App Free
– Cash Withdrawal: You can withdraw cash from ATMs with your physical card. You cannot do this with your virtual card.
– Transactions at POS Terminals: If you frequent shopping malls or supermarkets and don’t want to carry cash, you will need a physical card as you can’t use your virtual card on POS terminals.
Sparkle App Free
Q2: Is my money safe with Sparkle?
Yes, your money is safe with Sparkle as we have taken extra measures to ensure that we are better at preventing fraud and stopping account takeovers.
That’s not all. We also have security features that enable you to freeze and unfreeze your debit card from the Sparkle app. You can also turn on and off features like contactless, e-commerce and swipe payments.
There is also insurance cover on your deposits by Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).
Talk about security just how you want it!

Q3: How do I get a Sparkle account?

It’s really easy!
Just download the Sparkle app on either iOS or Android app store.
Sign up is super simple as you need just your BVN, phone number and email address only…
Bye-bye to exhaustive documents.
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