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#EndSarsProtests: Did You Know Police ‘killed 92’ Nigerians in one year — Statistics reveal..4 min read

Ogar Jumbo, an officer of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), was driving his two kids to school when he was reportedly beaten to death by officers of the Nigeria police force in Nyanya, a suburb of Abuja.


Ogar Jumbo, who was also with his wife, was said to have violated traffic rules. An argument ensued and the police officers pounced on him, according to witnesses who said his wife and two children — aged five and eight — cried and watched helplessly until the man drew his last breath.


More than a year down the line, justice has not been served for the deceased, according to findings by TheCable. Desmond Jumbo, his elder brother, says the police never contacted the family after the incident.


Unfortunately, there are many more Nigerians that have gone the way of the late NSCDC officer.

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Quick points from the study:

  • Police officers allegedly killed Nigerians on 51 occasions in past one year
  • Killings were recorded in every month under the period reviewed
  • There were no reports of killings by police in only 15 states
  • Lagos had the highest occurrences and highest number of reported deaths
  • July and September had highest number of reported killings: 19



The data shows the sad trend of extrajudicial killings, most of which were reported to have happened during protests, and many of which were unprovoked.

Some of the most prominent reasons for such killings, according to the reports, include refusal to give a bribe, argument, “accidental discharge” and attempt to disperse protests.



See below the details of the reported killings from March, 2019 to February, 2020.

1 March 1 Police officer ‘kills’ Lagos bus driver after refusing to give bribe 1
2 9th Election observer ‘shot dead’ by policeman in Enugu during confrontation 1
3 18th Stray bullet kills woman during police raid in Lagos 1
4 19th Civil defence officer ‘beaten to death’ by policeman in Abuja in the presence of wife, children during argument 1
5 20th Stray bullet kills one as police, drivers clash in Lagos 1
6 28th Police ‘kill okada rider over N200 bribe’ in Lagos 1
7 31 Police stray bullet kills boy watching Premier League match in Lagos 1
8 April 13th Five policemen arrested after ‘killing’ woman returning from night club in Lagos 1
9 18th Police ‘stray bullet kills’ 13-year-old in Rivers during protest over death of youth killed by policeman 2
10 21st Police officer ‘kills’ Ogun resident after misunderstanding 1
11 21st Police stray bullet ‘kills man’ while escaping mob attack in Ogun 1
12 May 8 ‘Police kill’ Lagos motorcyclist ‘over N100 bribe’ 1
13 20th Police ‘kill one’ while dispersing crowd who lynched suspected kidnapper in Kaduna 1
14 June 3rd Policeman ‘kills 21-year-old’ in Abia after being asked to dim vehicle light 1
15 July 9 ‘Two killed’ during Shiites protest in Abuja 2
16 13th ‘One killed’ in protest over death of motorcyclist killed by policeman for refusing to give bribe in Ibadan 2
17 15th SARS operatives allegedly kill Lagos cleaner mistaken for another suspect 1
18 22nd 11 IMN members, journalist, killed by police during Shiite protest in Abuja 12
19 23rd Two killed as Shiites, police clash again in Abuja 2
20 August 7th Policeman ‘shoots dead Lagos NURTW member’ during confrontation after stepping on his boot 1
21 9th Police officer ‘kills driver over N1000 bribe’ on Kaduna–Abuja expressway 1
22 10th SARS operatives ‘kill pregnant woman’ while chasing cyber-criminals in Lagos 1
23 13th ‘One killed’ as police try to rearrest fleeing criminals in Anambra 1
24 25th Police stray bullet reportedly ‘kills man’ in Lagos 1
25 29th One killed’ in police, motorcyclists scuffle in Benue 1
26 September 3rd Xenophobia: Police officer allegedly kills protester in Lagos 1
27 9th Policeman ‘kills motorcyclist’ in Jigawa for violating traffic rule 1
28 10th ‘Two killed’ as police shoot at protesting FUOYE students in Ekiti 2
29 10th Police allegedly kill 12 Shiites during Ashura procession; 3 in Kaduna, 6 in Bauchi, 2 in Sokoto and 1 in Katsina 12
30 17th One dead, 3 injured as police, vigilante clash during visit to Onitsha plaza 1
31 26th SARS officials raiding Lagos street ‘kill youth’ 1
32 28th Delta policeman ‘shoots female colleague dead’ while shooting to disperse protesters 1
33 October 1st ‘Police kill two’ while enforcing ban on motorcyclists in Akwa Ibom 2
34 November 13 Policeman allegedly kills colleague in Lagos while dispersing crowd during clampdown on motorcyclists 1
35 29th Policemen ‘shoot fun-seeker dead’ during confrontation in Lagos club 1
36 December 1 Policeman ‘kills truck driver’ in Ondo during argument 1
37 4 Policeman ‘kills motorist in Kano’ after intervening in argument 1
38 6 Police ‘shoot 18-year-old boy dead’ in Imo for retaliating slap 1
39 11 SARS officer’s stray bullet allegedly kills fruit seller in Abia 1
40 21 Policeman ‘kills self after murdering colleague’ in Abuja 1
41 27 Policeman ‘shoots man dead’ in Lagos after confrontation 1
42 27 One killed as police, Shiites clash in Sokoto 1
43 January 5 Policemen ‘kill’ three at protest over Oyo market fire 3
44 6 Bayelsa boils as ‘policeman kills driver, two passengers’ during argument for wrong parking 3
45 21 Police ‘shoot passerby dead’ during clash with Shiites in Abuja 1
46 February 3 Three killed as protesters clash with police over Okada ban in Lagos 3
47 5 Secondary school student, one other killed as okada riders, police clash in Lagos 2
48 13 Four persons killed in Edo protest over death of a ‘youth killed by police’ 5
49 22 Father of four killed by police in Jos 1
50 22 SARS operative ‘kill’ Remo Stars player in Ogun 1
51 24 ‘Three killed by police’ in protest against death of Remo Stars footballer in Ogun 3
Total 92


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