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WICKEDNESS & GREED!.. Watch the moment Covid-19 palliatives for Festac-Okota in Lagos held in a warehouse was carted away…(videos)1 min read

COVID-19 palliatives! Wickedness and Greed has been Trending on Twitter as videos of Nigerians carting away noodles, salt and other household items reportedly designated as relief-palliatives have been shared across Social Media platforms.


Recall that the Federal Government of Nigeria said at a time that Palliatives were released to help ameliorate the impact of the deadly virus on her citizens. However, most Nigerians complained (while a few others received nothing) at the time about the miserly items shared that could barely feed one person, talk more of a household.


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Watch below the Trending video of the incident…@TThorib tweeted;

Hoodlums looting what is their Covid-19 palliatives meant for Festac communities at the warehouse.



Wale Adetona also tweeted;

That video in circulation where people looted a warehouse filled with COVID-19 palliatives, is enough reason to be more angry & give up on Nigeria.

Our Leaders are so wicked and greedy. Someone pocketed money & items meant for the people and left them hungry during corona.


COVID-19 palliatives


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Banky W’s wife, Adesua, also weighed in on the matter saying;

Palliatives were hoarded?

COVID-19 Palliatives



Watch more videos;

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