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Sega: “We do have a Convener”…#EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG has been hijacked? (A Must Read)1 min read

Compromise!..In a now deleted Twitter Thread, Convener of the #EndSARS movement – Segun Sega Awosanya, recently came out to state that there’s an attempt to hijack the movement and malign his name in the process.



Calling out Debola Williams, Dr Dipo and a host of other celebrities lapping Governors etc, he said to well meaning Nigerians to be safe out there as the demands from the #EndSARS was loud and clear and the Federal Government is now underway in implementation as they recently “re-named” SARS to SWAT (Read Here)


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However, it is worthy of note that Nigerians refuse to be distracted despite the “Compromise” and attempt of hijack of this peaceful protest. As an intending Political Party under the guise of #YouthDemocraticParty has been trending and is being canvassed for on the bird app.



We pray all these adds up at the end of the day. #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG


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