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2017!…Big Brother Naija show has undoubtedly evolved since its return from hiatus. Since 2017, the show’s organizers have maintained an uneasily attainable standard, offering premium entertainment while amassing an impressive following across Africa.


Every year, brands fall over themselves for a slice of the visibility only the platform offers. So, It came as no surprise that the competition prize got juicier this year.

Amid the Covid-19 break out in Nigeria, the show’s organizers offered their biggest prize offering since its inception in 2006.

Without a shred of doubt, the reality show has become the ‘Nigerian dream’ especially for young viewers. Its ‘no losers’ game’ narrative promises fame in exchange for weeks of seemingly doing nothing but share one’s daily life with millions of viewers in Africa.


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Despite the odds, interested participants come out in their numbers, yearly, with high hopes of getting a spot on Nigeria’s most engaging show.

What does it really take to win? Interestingly, over the years, the winners have shared certain winning streaks in common. Below is an analysis of the show’s past four winners:

BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ Season 5:

Laycon is this season's winner! [Twitter/@bbnaija]

Laycon emerged winner of the show by a 60 per cent margin. The singer took home the season’s whopping N85 million grand prize. Away from the mouth-watering N30 million in cash prize, Laycon raked in a total of N10 million from sponsored tasks.

The reality star’s win was predictable from the early weeks of the show’s 10-week duration. Going by social media analytics, Laycon’s very first appearance with his lighted jacket sparked initial attention which soon progressed to fascination.

BBnaija Lockdown finale voting chart [Twitter/@bbnaija]

A well-rounded contender, Laycon impressively played into all the winning streaks of a typical Big Brother Naija champion some of which include controversy and entanglement while adding his irresistible genius touch.

The Laycon narrative was one that his fans found both appealing and relatable. (See here)

BBNaija ‘Pepper Dem’ Season 4:

Mercy Eke [Pulse Ghana]Mercy Eke [Pulse Ghana]

The season was the longest since its hiatus in 2006. The production lasted 99 days (14 weeks) with 26 contestants for the grand prize of N60 million.

Mercy Eke‘s 41.77 per cent grand slide victory followed Tacha‘s shocking disqualification, an equally tough contender.

BbNaija Pepper Dem finalist chart [Pulse Nigeria]

Winning for Mercy meant hinging on and dominating controversies in the house while tossing in some spicy house-romance with co-star, Ike Onyema. The lovebirds featured in a reality show post BBNaija.



BBNaija ‘Double Wahala’ Season 3:

Miracle Ikechukwu emerged winner of the show's season 3 [Instagram/@miracleikechukwu]

Controversy sells out and in ‘Double Wahala’, viewers had a fair share with the show’s first runner-up, Cynthia ‘Cee-C’ Nwadiora.

For the show’s 12 weeks on air, Cee-C convincingly ran the ‘intense drama’ theme. Unfortunately, in Cee-C’s game, the tides were not in favour of the big trenders.

BBNaija Double Wahala finalist chart [Pulse Nigeria]

Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe beat 20 other housemates to the show’s N45 million prize with 38.18 percent win. The reality star had his fair share of house-romance with co-star, Nina. The pair were inseparable for the duration of the show.



BBNaija ‘See Gobe’ Season 2:

Efe won the second season of the BBNaija show [Daily Post Nigeria]Efe won the second season of the BBNaija show [Daily Post Nigeria]

The ‘See Gobe’ season reintroduced the show following its first edition in 2006.

After 11 weeks of exciting television experience, Efe Ejeba beat Bisola, TBoss, Debie-Rise and Marvis to the N25 million grand prize.

BBNaija See Gobe finalist chart [Pulse Nigeria]

This season’s winner easily won fan loyalty with a relatable personality and the ‘grass to grace’ narrative without excluding his entanglement with co-star, Marvis.

While these elements are not key winning factors, they have evidently made appearances in the show’s past winners.



P.S: This is An Opinion of one of the Editors at Pulse NG.

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