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“If anything happens to me, you should know who to hold” – Daddy Freeze responds to David Ibiyeomie (video)2 min read

OAP Daddy Freeze has reacted after David Ibiyeomie cursed him for allegedly insulting his mentor Bishop David Oyedepo.


David Ibiyeomie called Freeze a bastard and said a number of other things as he insulted the media personality, who is known for “tackling preachers”. Ibiyeomie also cursed the day Freeze was born and threatened him (Read here).


Reacting via his YouTube channel, Freeze accused Ibiyeomie of racism, discrimination, and threat to life.


Freeze began in his response, “Even if you have a gun to my head, I’ll still speak the truth”


He said he was “devastated” by David Ibiyeomie’s video because of the “content” and he went on to reveal what about the content troubled him.


OAP Daddy Freeze said he didn’t insult David Oyedepo as David Ibiyeomie claims, but simply drew the religious leader’s attention to a part of the bible.


Freeze said: “Correcting the scripture is not an insult. Christ was criticized, Peter was criticized, Paul was criticized, even the Pharisees were criticized, so there’s no way you’re going to preach a message from the scriptures that you’ll not get criticisms.”


Condemning Ibiyeomie for likening him to the Somalians in a derogatory manner, Freeze said: “I find it very devastating that just to get to me, Pastor Ibieomie will drag the whole Somalia nation. I’m very proud to associate myself with Somalians because they’re a beautiful people. It is hate speech to undermine them with derogatory words, like there’s anything wrong with the Somalians.”


Freeze also drew the attention of the public and the law enforcement agencies to the threat to his life.


He said: “Pastor Ibiyeomie, I don’t know if you realize that a threat to life is a criminal offence…. If anything happens to me, I hope you know who to hold responsible.”


He also condemned Ibiyeomie for undermining the broadcasting profession just to undermine his source of income.


Freeze said: “You went on again to undermine the noble profession of broadcasting. I’m a proud broadcaster for the last 25 years. I’ve dedicated my life to this beautiful, noble profession…”


He said he takes his children to the radio station to watch him work with the hopes that one or two would take over the profession. He added that broadcasting isn’t something to be ashamed of.


“I think you should apologize to every journalist, every broadcaster, for undermining our work,’ Freeze told ibiyeomie.


Reacting to being called a “half-caste” by the pastor, Freeze said the word “half-caste” is “racist” and he asked that Ibiyeomie apologizes to victims of racism.


On being called a “bastard” by Ibiyeomie, Freeze said: “You say I’m not my father’s son. I put it to you to prove who my real father is.”


He further questioned Ibiyeomie if his utterances are in “synchrony” and “symphony” with the teachings of Christ.


Watch Freeze’s reaction in the video below.



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