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“Wathoni’s Story of Conception as a Virgin Is Not Impossible” – Nigerian Doctor Defends Her Pregnancy Claims2 min read

Wathoni, Big Brother Naija housemate revealed to her fellow housemates that she got pregnant with her son while she was still a virgin.


During their arena games, housemates were given a task to pay tributes to special people in their lives, telling the stories through paintings. Wathoni says the most important person in her life is her son whom she conceived as a virgin.

However, her claims have sparked debates on Twitter, with some people labelling her a liar, others think she is a clout chaser. A Nigerian doctor and social media influencer popularly known as Aproko Doctor has confirmed that Wathoni’s situation is not medically impossible.

“When the egg is released from the ovary, it lives for about 24-48 hours

A sperm can live up to 5 days in the woman’s reproductive tract

Sperm dropped outside the vagina can enter the vagina and if the conditions are right, get a woman pregnant

Wathoni’s story is not impossible,” the doctor wrote.


“When the egg is released, the cervical mucus becomes thin to allow the sperm to swim freely. When she’s not ovulating, the mucus is thicker

For guys, 1ml of semen can contain as much as 100 million sperm cells, some men have sperm cells in their “precum”l


Let’s imagine, she’s ovulating at that time and they made out, her hand or his hand may have touched his precum or ejaculate and he touches her vagxna,

Remember what I said about the cervical mucus, and number of sperm in a drop of semen? Do the math. The chances are there

If you read the directions on a condom pack, you’d see where it’s clearly written that you should not pull out a used condom close to the vagina, it’s to avoid spills that can lead to pregnancy.

Is Wathoni’s story rare? Yes

Is it possible? Yes

Don’t shoot her story down,” he continued.


“Many people erroneously think that the hymen must completely cover the vagina, (because, virgin) if you watched my past Okirikiri skit, you’d know it’s not true.

It is rare for the hymen to completely cover the vagina as this will make it difficult for menstrual blood to leave.”

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