Tolanibaj has given Prince some guidelines - Welcome To Plugstuck Afrik

#Ozokeepswinning: “Tolanibaj Gives Prince Some Guidelines To Follow If He Wants To Date Her“1 min read

TolaniBaj has given Prince some “guidelines to follow”, if he wants to be romantically involved with her.



There is a love triangle between Prince, Tolani, and Wathoni and Prince seems to be interested in Nengi even if she does not feel the same way and he is having a hard time deciding who he wants to be with.


Recently Tolanibaj told Prince “I am challenging you to be the best boyfriend but If you don’t like the challenge, you can leave. You like me but how many girls have you told that here. Put in the effort for me, I am the prize if you don’t see me for who I am, I’ll leave you”

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