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JUST-IN: “Kaffy Works Towards Providing Health Insurance For Nigerian Dancers”1 min read

Nigerian Dance Queen as popular called, Kaffy, is doing her best to protect the legacy of present and future professional dancers.


Kaffy Shafau through her Kreative Arts Foundation For Youths (KAFFY) is launching a mental health initiative for Nigerian dancers. The foundation is working with stakeholders to allow Nigerian dancers to have health insurance.


Kaffy and the stakeholders in collaboration with healthcare workers, health management organisation, life coaches and dance group leaders and dancers gathered to come up with plans for a sustainable healthcare deal at a two-day virtual conference tagged Dance2Health.


The is the first time such a summit has happened and was put together to respond to the developing concerns of dancers in the industry.


More than 98% of dancers lack health insurance and self-awareness. The majority lead a lifestyle of drugs, peer pressure, poor mental wellbeing, and personal irresponsibility,” The Nigerian Dance Queen said.


“This is the bane of the industry. Until every corporate dance leader is shouldered with the responsibility of ensuring that every staff (dancer) has a valid health insurance cover, this industry lacks a heart.”

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