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Juliet Ibrahim Dishes Out Relationship Advice To Fans1 min read

Juliet Ibrahim has a few relationship tips for single women. The Ghanaian actress says women should set standards and be picky with men.


Juliet Ibrahim, Nollywood Actress, who talked on a lady’s show revealed her type of man.


“For me, intelligence is important, I should be able to have a conversation with you. I cannot be talking about what is happening in America or Covid-19 and you are talking about shoeshine or something else. The level of IQ has to be on the same level,” she says.

“I also love consistency. If you are inconsistent then it is turn off for me. If you say A, let your A be your A. That is how I am. So for me, it is those traits that I look for in a guy, don’t brag, don’t also to be too old-fashioned.”

“Every woman needs to have a list so with what MzVee said, I will say that she will need to still have a standard and be picky. The only thing I will advise ladies on is that they should never have expectations. Just accept the person for who they are. That is what is important in a relationship.”

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