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#benefitboys: “Men, Here Are A List Of Things You Should Never Say To A Woman”1 min read

Guys,there are a lot of times men ask women quite embarrassing questions or say cringe-worthy things.


There are certain things women are okay with and there are some that are not okay and should not even be said out loud.


If you aren’t sure of what not to say to a woman, check out this list below.

  • CALM DOWN: A lot of people say this but it does the exact opposite. There are alternative words to tell her but “calm down” should never be on the list.


  • ARE YOU GOING TO EAT ALL OF THAT: This will bring out certain insecurity in a woman, she will be led to believe that she’s fat, even if the person asking the question does not mean that.


  • HOW MANY GUYS HAVE YOU SLEPT WITH: This question is often asked at the beginning of a relationship and the answer is not what a lot of guys hope for.


  • YOU HAVE ADDED WEIGHT/HAVE YOU ADDED WEIGHT?: This isn’t the right question to ask at any time and you should only talk about her weight if she brings it up.


  • IT’S A GUY THING, YOU WON’T GET IT: It somehow feels like you’re putting her down or that she’s too dumb to understand.


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Guys, what other phrases, clauses and words are missing from this list?..Ladies are there some you’ll love to add?

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