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“I Can Never Be A Third Wife” – Actress Chinenye Uyanna2 min read

Anambra born Nollywood actress, Chinenye Uyanna has bragged about never going to be any man’s third wife.



Talking about her stand on polygamy, the thespian insisted that she is a one-man one woman person.


In a recent interview, the Anambra born says;

If a man loves me so much and wants me to be his third wife, that’s not possible. Check me out, do I look like a third wife material? Not even for all the money in the world. I’m a total package so, its either I am the number one or nothing.


For a Husband material, I want a God fearing man because anybody who respects God will always know the right thing to do. And then a caring and truthful man that’s all.


He must also be a hardworking man.
Just look okay and I’m good. Tribe doesn’t matter as long as the man loves and cares for me I don’t mind where he is from. We are one Nigeria.”


Asked if she would ever consider going unclad on a movie set if the price is enticing, she says, “I can never act unclad. In some movie scenes, when I am lying on bed with a man, I still have my clothes on under the covers. But there was a particular movie I did, and when I got to a certain scene, the producer asked me to remove my clothes before going under the covers with a man. We were just shouting at each other, we spent over three hours arguing about it. This is Africa and I want to get married and have children. What will it look like, for my children to grow up and see me acting nude? What will I tell them?”

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