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Eeyah…Tonto Dikeh Recalls How Don Jazzy, TeeBillz Rescued Her From Committing Suicide

Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh has revealed how she attempted to take her own life 10 years ago.


While reacting to a viral video of a young man who allegedly committed suicide after he was falsely accused of rape, Tonto Dikeh said suicide is never a solution to depression.



The nollywood actress recalled her dark times when she almost took her own life but was rescued by Teebillz and Don Jazzy.


“This was me 9/10 years ago, i’m here because i believed there was much more to life than my situation… i wanted to badly believe god didn’t hate me, i wanted to badly stop the hurt but it just kept coming so strong.”

“i knew i was ready, i mean the pain was excruciating. today was a perfect day to die i said, 🤦‍♀️ smh god spared me, god showed me how much love he had for me that day.”

“shoutout to @teebillz323 @donjazzy for coming to my rescue, i honestly pray for you every day. thank you can never be enough but thank you❤️💐.”

“there is always light at the end of the tunnel, i can’t over emphasize how much self love can save you. it’s impossible to stop the bullies but you can stop the ripple effect of their bully with true love for ones self. suicide has never been and will never be the answer, don’t give any situation so much power over your life. life isn’t duplicated, mistakes can be corrected, life can be better, that pain wouldn’t last forever.

love yourself so much you get immune to bullies…spread love

]your mind is a battlefield, you must continuously guard it.

take charge of your life,optimism is the key.

learn to care less about others’ opinions about you, because that speaks more of who they are than of who you are!!

learn to know and walk who you are, learn to speak postivity into your soul.

depression is an illness and love is the medicine..

love yourself enough to seek help!!

let love lead



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