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See Hushpuppi’s prison details revealed in the Bureau of Prisons website1 min read

Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) website allows the public to check prisoner’s details and Nigerians, including me writing this article (winks) have gone on the site to search out Hushpuppi’s details.


Recall that Hushpuppi, whose birth name is Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, was extradited to the US after he was arrested in Dubai for fraud.


WATCH VIDEO OF HIS ARREST: US Federal prosecutors officially charge Hushpuppi for fraud. Faces 20 years in US prison



His registration number in the US prison system was made public, allowing people search for him in the Federal Bureau Of Police website.


His details on the website shows his name, age, race and the location where he’s being held. As for his release, date, it states “Unknown”.



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