“All you need to know about Globe Takers Business School International and Why we celebrate our 3 Yrs Anniversary today”.


3 years ago, 2 sisters conceived the idea to start a fully functional Online school to teach her team members the rudiments of Multilevel Marketing.


This was after walking in the dark for 1 full year, with little or no training from existing structure. (Kai! you never want to be in this shoe. Lol)


This school set a revolution in the history of Network Marketing aka. Multi-Level-Marketing, in Nigeria and beyond.


We set the pace, helping others see the light in this regard.


“The school has raised Tens of Thousands of partners including Star Directors and weekly 7 Figure Earners”.


It’s a huge honour to have impacted so many lives and helped many improve themselves beyond Network Marketing business.


No one passes through our business school and remains the same. No one!


The personal development garnered in the period of training is out of this world.


We changed the narrative and we are still changing it.


Globe Takers Business School is a place to be.


“We are taking it to another level, watch this space”.


All GLOBE TAKERS members have the privilege of being tutored by seasoned trainers.


Kudos to our delectable and amiable Vice Chancellor (Mrs Akunna Chukwuma-Mbele), who saw this gap in the industry and decided to fill it.


Being a Certified Mentor (Professional Member of Mentoring and Career Development Institute of Nigeria), a Quality Management Systems Consultant, Professional Business Coach(Train -the -Trainer Certification) and many more made this journey a memorable one for us all at Globe Takers Team.


We the over 100,000 Members of Globe Takers are grateful to God as we celebrate today.



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Every Student has at least one good thing to say about the school.


It’s 3 years Anniversary of Our prestigious School: “The Globe Takers Business School Int’l”.




Join in the celebration in the comment box below.



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Umar Sani Naallah
9 days ago

This is amazing! More success

Kabiru Isah
Kabiru Isah
8 days ago

Best wishes

7 days ago

This is good.

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