Big Brother Naija housemates this season- Welcome To Plugstuck Afrik

#BBNaija: Nawa o!..what’s happening here?..why is Eric moving his lips and tongue while sleeping (video)1 min read

Big Brother Naija housemates this season have been in the house for only a few days but the atmosphere in the house is already sexually charged.


Some of them are pairing off already and are developing an attraction to their fellow housemates.


Two housemates whose attraction to each other is hard to miss is Eric and Lilo. The sexual tension between them is being talked about by many viewers.


Last night Eric appeared to be having an erotic dream while sleeping. His mouth kept moving like he was kissing someone and, at some point, he brought out his tongue as he made a licking movement.


"Konji haff wound these guys" Nigerians react as BBNaija


Viewers have suggested on Twitter that he was dreaming about Lilo.


Watch the video below.



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