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“I just want to make 40 homes happy” – Ibidun Ighodalo last message to TY Bello, revealing her plans for her 40th birthday1 min read

TY Bello has shared a screenshot of the last message the (late) Ibidun Ighodalo sent to her, revealing her birthday plans, just before she turns 40.


In the message shared by the photographer, Ibidun revealed that she doesn’t want a party for her 40th birthday. “She said all she wants is to make 40 families happy by helping them have their babies.”


Ibidun pioneered a foundation that finances families during their fertility journey so that they can have kids of their own.


TY Bello shares screenshot below:

TY Bello shares screenshots of the last message Ibidun Ighodalo sent to her to reveal plans for her 40th birthday

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