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Tips to Boost your Immune System2 min read

Immune System..Scientists have proved that we are surrounded by millions of bacteria,viruses and other germs that have potential to enter our bodies and cause harm.


Your immune system is your main line of defense against these germs and the damage they can do.



So, it’s only sensible that you’d want to keep it in top shape, especially, with the outbreak of the Covid 19 ravaging the country.





Many people resort to drugs and food supplements for this. Sadly, most pills and herbal remedies cause more harm than good. Making several lifestyle  and dietary changes to improve your overall health is the best place to start.




Inadequate sleep may increase your risk of getting sick. Most adults should get at least 7 hours of sleep, teenagers 10 and children 14.




Eat more whole plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes. They contain antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C, all of which lowers your susceptibility to diseases.





Eat more healthy fats such as Salmon, olive oil, Avocados and Walnuts. Also, Limit added sugars as they contribute to obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Eat fermented foods like yoghurts to help in the intestines.


Engage in moderate exercise. Jogging, biking and Walking on regular basis is just what you need. Choose the one that suits you and ensure to give it at least 150 minutes per week.



Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Three litres is the usual recommendation. Drink water to ensure your urine stays pale yellow. Fruit juices and other drinks may augment but the best drink remains clean water.



Use supplements wisely. Vitamins C and D need daily replacement. You also need other micro nutrients. Its best to consult your doctor before trying to take them.


Lastly reduce your stress level. Wash hands frequently. Cook food properly and limit your alcohol intake to a drink per day.


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