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7 Basic Steps to Boost Your creativity2 min read

Creativity!…Everyone is born creative. Although some people may be more naturally endowed than others, creativity can be developed just like any other skill.


It can be learnt. It can be relearned and one can also become perfect in it by practicing everyday.


If we are made in the image of  God, it simply follows that we are creative beings.


Creativity is a crucial skill for professionals in all fields. So, you need to be more creative to achieve success in your chosen career.



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Most times we associate creativity with writing and the arts; music, graphic designs, sculpture etc but that’s rather vague.


Studies have shown that there is creativity in every sphere of life from the mundane task of cooking to the highly technical task of creating an android phone.


You must identify the areas where you find it easier to create something new and valuable from your own ingenuity. That’s what creativity is all about. This means it is your own Brain child.






Do you still think that you are not creative? Just follow these simple steps and see how you’ll be bubbling with fresh ideas everyday.



1. Kill the fear of failure


2. Fight the incapacitating self criticisms and perfectionism.


3. Give words to your imagination and let your pattern come to life on a canvass.


4.Perceive the world in a new way. (meditation will help you)


5. Find patterns. Make connections
between unrelated events.


6. Play to enhance creativity. Observe a child at play. See how he builds his own world around him. Children are usually more creative than adults because they explore the world of play.


7. Let your imagination soar. Live your dreams and fantasies and bring them to life in your craft.



Written By Clara

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