Africa is mourning: Her daughters and sons- Welcome To Plugstuck Afrik

3 Reasons ‘WHY’ everyone around the world is observing #BlackOutTuesday1 min read

1. Africa is mourning: 

Her daughters and sons are crying and dying. We have certain problems we can’t just gloss over and fix. These are deeply rooted social issues that need to be addressed and challenged.


2. All across the world, citizens are making a stand to demand justice for the aggrieved and better governance:


For this reason, Plugstuck Afrik joins the world today, to take a stand and observe “#BlackOutTuesday”


Africa Unite!


We stand in solidarity with Africans and everyone else around the world to prevent social injustice and to eradicate police brutality, racism and inequality in all walks of life.


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3. Plugstuck Afrik shows solidarity with all organizations and individuals who are doing their part to say this can no longer go on.






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