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Habits…”Do you find that you get stuck with the same habit after trying, failing and giving up?” Perhaps you have not found a way that works for you yet.





Our attitudes and behaviours stem from our genetics. So, we can react differently to certain situations than others. Habits are quite difficult to break because they have been reinforced over a long period of time.


Plus, the older you are and the longer you have had these habits, the harder it can be to break them. But it is possible to break them no matter your age.


Most people know that their bad habit is bad but knowledge alone isn’t enough to stop smoking, over eating or procrastination.



When a behaviour becomes a habit, it’s almost always triggered by something. Identifying this trigger is the first step towards avoiding the resultant bad habits.



Most bad habits usually make us feel good at the time we indulge in them because they satisfy a set of needs already wired in our brain. These rewards are basically unproductive as they give only momentary relief and leave us with the inability to face our fears.



To checkmate a bad habit you need to take these 7 basic steps;

  1. Identify the bad habit.
  2. Realize what triggers it.
  3. Identify the reward.
  4. Remove the reward.
  5. Replace the habit with another healthy one.
  6. Tell someone about your goal.
  7. Pray.





The brain adjusts best when you change things slowly, so do not rush to accomplish everything at once.  Set a start date and a measurable goal. Do not give up when you fail. Keep working towards your goal slowly but steadily.  Create a journal  and mark your periodic progress.  Then, whether you believe it or not pray for self control. This will give you the will power to actualize your dream.

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