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ABF SPECIAL: 12,000+ views achieved organically in less than 2months of blogging – Ace Blogger speaks in Q&A session.2 min read


Hi, Can we meet you?


I’m Nwanolue Chinenye Felicia. I’m in the department of Chemistry, Futo.
My Passion is writing.
My niche is news, relationship, health, fashion and lifestyle.



So, you started blogging officially, on the 17th of March, 2020, during the inauguration of Africa Bloggers Forum (ABF) in FUTO…Is that True?


Yes, it’s true.


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Somedays ago, we sent in 6 blogs for appraisal by Google for Google Adsense Approval and your blog stood out amongst the 6 of them at over 12,000+ page views, in less than 2months of your blogging!

What’s the secret? What’s that thing you think you do or that work you put in that we should know about?


My secret is this;
I share my page link to all my friends on WhatsApp and I post my link on Twitter. 

I tell all my friends about my blog to visit it every day.

I found out that it is better to share your website address than just your page link. I read articles on blogging.

I keep every of my post short and simple.

Finally it’s very important you update your post and reshare it again. Set up a target and blog everyday. I am not happy if I don’t blog any day



What’s your word of encouragement to all bloggers at Africa Bloggers Forum?


Make blogging your passion.

Tell people you are a blogger, let them know the name of your website.
Read article on blogging.

Share your link to your friends, open a Twitter account if you don’t have and share your link there.

Don’t just share your page link, share your website address because it creates more engagement.



Finally, you were given a target by the Founder of Africa Bloggers Forum (ABF) to take your page views to 50,000+ in the coming weeks, how do you intend to achieve this?



I will take it as a target.
I’m going to increase my post every day because Consistent blogging creates more engagement.


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