Did you know "Cadabra" was Amazon's former name?: Here's how Amazon made it to the Top 10 valuable brands in the world. (EXCLUSIVE) - Welcome To Plugstuck Afrik

Did you know “Cadabra” was Amazon’s former name?: Here’s how Amazon made it to the Top 10 valuable brands in the world. (EXCLUSIVE)2 min read

When Jeff Bezos created “Cadabra”  in 1994, he, like every other entrepreneur must have had a dream of success.

The sleepless nights and several discomforts and obvious disregard and neglect of family life, occasioned by the demands of the young firm would have been justified on the grounds that a little success on this new venture would offset every heartache.


It may not have surfaced in his wildest dream, that the unchartered road he embarked upon, would lead him to the promised land.



Today, Amazon is the world’s largest online market place, with a market capital of $885.3billion. Her major strengths lies in her responsiveness, relevance and presence. How did Jeff do it?

In 1994, for want of a name that would fit with what he had in mind (a primus entepres), Jeff coined the name cadabra, short for Abracadabra, the name had a ring of magic to it and his lawyer discouraged it. Subsequently, drawing an allusion from world’s largest river Amazon, he renamed this company more fittingly. (responsiveness)
Amazon started as a private online bookstore in Bellevue and would wait till 2005 before it got incorporated. By December 1996, it has recorded 180,000 customer account. By October 1997 it recorded a leap of 1million accounts with a corresponding jump in revenue from $15.7m to $148m. Since then, Amazon has become an internet Behemoth not only in the United states but world over.

Amazon’s e-commerce, cloud compiling, kindle, retailing, kindle fire and storage services have continued to gain wider and unbeatable coverage. (relevance)


The responsiveness of the firm bought it the first goodwill. Sale of online books took a whole new look and Jeff couldn’t help but turn his market place into a conglomerate.


Amazon sells every thing “saleable” and with her 2 day delivery model, world over became an unbeatable force in e-commerce. Amazon is known today for its disruption of well established industries through technological innovation and mass scale.


It remains the largest internet company by revenue in the world and the second largest employer in the US. With its headquarters in Seattle Washington, she is set to remain the largest Al assistant provider and cloud computing in a long time to come. (presence)

Written By Clara.
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