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Simple Cost Effective Tools to Boost your Brand Awareness2 min read

Brand!..Coca-Cola and Guinness are household names, yet they continue to pour millions into adverts and commercials.


This is because they know the importance of maintaining their brand  identities in the market place.


You don’t have to spend millions in order to boost exposure for your brand. Thanks to the internet and a host of other modern marketing techniques.



Building your brand with minimal cost requires a combination of social media and personal networking skills using simple but deliberate tasks. Your business is unique. You are the brand. Branding for you must be about how you’re doing something different from all your competitors.


Your brand awareness should target at making you incomparable.



Whether you wish to boost awareness for a product, a service or a software, the simple five (5) tools outlined can get you started with a low budget.




Create a strong logo for your company and your product:

Your logo should be simple, easy to remember and distinct. The uniqueness should be such that people can easily relate with it. This is important, especially, in a homogenous market setting.



Define your value proposition:

Be specific about this. What can you offer to consumers that is better than what others can give. It could be in form of after sales service, home delivery or customer care. (For example; at Plugstuck, we tell you to get connected and stay with us for life)




Create visibility for your brand through freebies:

Your logo should be seen everywhere in your vicinity and beyond. Gift tokens to customers at festivals with your logo on it go a long way to pronounce your name.



Maximise your social media coverage:

Tweet as much as you can. Claim a hashtag for your business everywhere. Start your own blog and establish a business presence with every blog comment.



Partner with other locals:

This allows you to cross promote your network in person and build a referral programme if you can.  Run an online contest and be honest with your promises.



Written By Clara.

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