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Beautiful Lady!…you’ve been menstruating “the wrong way” all these years…STOP IT! (exclusive photos)1 min read

Hello, my beautiful ladies! 👋…how are you doing?..Trust you’re keeping safe.

I’ll love to introduce to you, one of the many fascinating and innovative  products, of the prestigious Longrich International.

Did you know, you can get paid weekly for using this sanitary napkin, whenever you’re on your menstrual cycle. HOW?..simply “SWITCH YOUR BRAND”.

Longrich sanitary napkin, has about 8-UNIQUE PROPERTIES, developed after many years of R&D in the lab, I’ll love to show you below.

You may want to research on google about them:

 1.  Premium soft surface.

2.   Unique Three-Dimensional Flaps.

3.   Magnetic, Anion and Far infrared Strip. (these takes care of your menstrual cramps and gives you so much relief during menstruation)

4.   Soft Air-laid Paper.

5.   Absorbing Paper.

6.   Soft Air-laid Paper.

7.   Air-Permeable Bottom Layer. (enables your vagina to breathe properly, as against the super-tight nylon layers you’re already used to)

8.  Innovative Release Film.


P.S: I don’t have a sister, so I’ll love you to take care of your health and your pocket (❤️😉), whenever you’re on this cycle!



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