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5 signs that show you’re not going to be successful1 min read

In this post, I’m going to be talking about a few traits that make it difficult for a person to succeed.

1. You don’t try out new things

If you want to have an extraordinary life, you need to have the courage to try out new things.. You cannot achieve success by doing what everyone else is doing. Be curious, and you will get to taste real success.

2. You procrastinate

This is another habit which indicates you are not the right candidate for success to come and visit. You cannot gain an advantage above others by sitting idle and waiting for things to happen.

3. You’re scared of failure

Failure is never an option for people who know what they want in life. They either find a way to reach there or create their own. Elon Musk is the perfect example of it! The man is never afraid to take risk, even when the stakes are high. In fact, higher the stakes the better he is able to perform.

4. You’re a people pleaser

You cannot always make everyone happy — that’s the thumb rule for a successful life. When you are doing things to please others, you are somewhere or the other sacrificing your personal interests.

5. You love to leave things on chance

The earlier in life you learnt that things don’t get done on their own, the better it is for your growth. Jack Ma did not become the man he is today, because he left things to chance. He continued his pursuit towards becoming something better in life even after facing hardships. He did not leave things to chance.

I’m sure you have more signs I didn’t list.

Drop it in the comment section.

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