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Rooftop MCs’ Soul Snatcha loses wife of 8 years1 min read

Soul Snatcha of the popular Nigerian gospel music group Rooftop MCs, looses wife.

The gospel rapper who was married to his wife for 8 years before her death, disclosed that she died 6 days ago.

He wrote “True saints don’t die. We multiply

“It’s been 6 days since you have been gone, 6 days since my heart was forcefully ripped out. It’s still hard to breathe.

“People have been coming in large numbers and saying amazing stories of how you cared for them. I know they aren’t just being nice because I watched you ballance your mountain of problems on your head so your hands can be free to help others with their rocks.
We spent almost every hour of 8 years with each other, I leaned on you for almost everything cos you were the organised one, the more administrative one whole I just freestyle everything. Good thing you taught me how to cook your way. Good thing I had all those years experience caring for you and the little people.
I’ll give my life for Seven Trinitee zion and Rain.
You trust me, I know how particular you are about them. There’s so much to say we’ll talk offline.

“I’m at peace because we had decided a while ago to live a life in service to God and to pour into the lives of others and you have lived everyday trying to achieve that.

“I know He gives grace when the burden is greater He sends strength to the weak with more affliction He sends mercy and gives joy.
So don’t worry about us. We will be OK and we will never forget you.
Good night my Adora( Adore her)
Aka my sister in the Lord.”

 Rooftop MCs

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