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My husband’s life is in danger at the DSS Office – G.O’s wife says2 min read

Following the news about a missing little boy allegedly found at the alter of Sotitobire Miracle Centre Akure, wife of the General Overseer, Prophetess Bisola Alfa has cried out that the life of her husband Prophet Babatunde Alfa is in serious danger at the custody of DSS.

She said this on Wednesday in an interview with Triangle Media. She also lamented that the health of her husband has been deteriorating rapidly since he was detained by the operatives of the Department of State Security.

According to her: “Contrary to the viral news that my husband was arrested by the operatives of DSS, he was only invited and he didn’t waste time honouring the invitation.

As a matter of fact, he honoured the DSS invitation with his lawyer earlier than the expected date.

“We expect the DSS to have either admit my husband to bail or charge him to court if at all there is any evidence. Some of the invited children teachers have also been detained by the DSS while the rest were released.

“It is even surprising that the DSS operatives came with my husband to search our house and church even without the knowledge of his lawyer that went with him to their office.
“Although, I am happy that only Bibles and international passports of church members were found by the DSS operatives”.

She contended that her husband could never have been involved in the abduction of the missing one-year-old boy.

Saying:”It baffles me that the mother of the missing boy.

Saying:”It baffles me that the mother of the missing boy claimed to have dropped him around 10:00am and the boy was said to have disappeared by 11:00 am with all the policemen that were on duty.

“I am aware that Prophet did not get to know about the boy’s disappearance until about 5:30 pm when Sunday service was concluded and he still chose to stay back in the church till the next day for prayers because of the matter.

“After the intense prayer by the Prophet, he told the boy’s father that the missing child is in his custody and surprisingly, the man never argued with my husband.

“Even the mother of the missing boy also alluded that there is the possibility that her husband may know about the boy’s disappearance.

She also threatened to divorce the man due to his incessant troubles once the missing boy is found”.

She, however, expressed utter disappointment with the negative insinuations by people over the rapid growth of Sotitobire Miracle Center.

“This is a church where we do not ask people to bring money. “Prophet will only pray for people and some of them that received answers to their prayers would willingly return to appreciate God with their substance.

“But talk of when did Sotitobire start that he now has a large congregation is quite disappointing to say the least”, added Bisola Alfa.

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