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UN appoints Good luck Jonathan as it’s Special Envoy on Crisis Management1 min read

United Nations (UN) on Monday announced the appointment of Ex President of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as it’s Special Envoy on Crisis Management.

This announcement was made from New York by UN Secretary General Anthonio. Goodluck has therefore emerged as the first African that is going to be holding this position.

His acceptance of defeat in the 2015 Presidential election, stating that the blood of Nigerians does not worth his ambition, and that he does not want anyone to rig for him, cemented his legacy for peace by also reaching out to the President Mohammadu Buhari in congratulating him. This made him the first incumbent President to be removed from power.

Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the ruling Party, All Progressives Congress Timi Frank described Jonathan’s appointment as one of the rewards for leaving a legacy of peace behind in Nigeria.

He however cautioned President Mohammadu Buhari to think of the kind of legacy he will leave behind as the International Criminal Court is no respecter of persons.

He also recalled some statements of peace made by Jonathan that ‘if I loose election, I will go back to my village’, contradicting Buhari’s statement in 2019 Presidential election when he was asked if he will congratulate the winner if he looses election and he said he will congratulate himself.

A big congratulations to the Ex President as God has obviously rewarded him for his humble nature.

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