Tonto Dikeh Advises "African Women" to leave their marriages published by Daniel Bosai - Welcome To Plugstuck Afrik

Tonto Dikeh Advises “African Women” to leave their marriages published by Daniel Bosai

Nollywood actress Tonto Dike advices women who are probably in an abusive or uncomfortable marriage to leave through an inspirational message.

She also separated from her husband few months after getting married to him on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences”,

Read message below.

Dear African woman,

Marriage is not supposed to be a bed of thorns, if your partner keeps abusing you, disrespecting you, and causing you pain, you have to prioritize self care and leave. .

The society and the government has refused to protect womanhood, our rights have the bottom of the pot; we are constantly shooed,and intimidated into silence but today I tell you to leave.

It’s no longer love when you have to cry everyday. It’s no longer love when your matrimonial home is now a boxing ring. It’s no longer love when you are used as a punching bag. Staying married must not require staying in pain, and wallowing in regret.

Leave today! Forget what religion and tradition says. You’re worth more than your marital status! What matters is your peace and joy and sanity!

It’s been international women’s day against violence, and I’m encouraging you to leave that toxic relationship, leave that violent marriage, speak up and live again.

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