Dog owner dies after being LICKED by his pet: Healthy 63-year-old caught deadly infection from his animal’s saliva

A man became ill after being licked by his dog and later died after catching a rare infection from his pet’s saliva.

The unidentified 63-year-old was completely healthy before being struck down with the devastating disease, doctors said.

He spent more than two weeks suffering in hospital with a catalogue of conditions including pneumonia, gangrene and a fever of 41°C (106°F).

The man had been infected with Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a bacteria which is normally transmitted by bites – but can be spread through just a lick.

The man developed blisters across his entire head and body and got an infection which caused blood to clot deep inside his body and trigger rotting of the skin (Pictured: The patient still alive a few days after being admitted to hospital)

When the man first went to hospital he had had flu-like symptoms for three days, a fever and laboured breathing.

His tragic case was reported in a medical journal by doctors from the Rote Kreuz Krankenhaus in Bremen, Germany.

By the time he started medical treatment the man already had severe sepsis, the doctors, said and needed intensive care to try and save his life.

In the first four days while he was in hospital his condition got significantly worse, beginning with a rash on his face and nerve pain and bruises in his legs.

This then progressed to his kidneys and liver shutting down and blood clotting in his blood vessels, starting to rot his skin away, and leading to a cardiac arrest.

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