Actress Etinosa says her conscience wouldn’t allow her let Naira Marley receive insults alone confirming the statement he said that big booty is greater than Masters degree

Etinosa, Nigerian actress and comedienne, says she can confirm Naira Marley’s comment┬áthat Big booty is greater than a Masters degree in Nigeria. Naira Marley posted this on his Twitter handle last week and received a lot of backlash.

This afternoon, Etinosa took to her IG page to take sides with the singer. According to her, many people know that this is the truth but would rather live in denial. Read her post below

There are Three kinds of people in Nigeria right now:
Those that don’t know what a Marlian is (only 20% of Nigerians fall under this category) The rest are:
Those that are Marlians
And those that pretend not to be Marlians.

My conscience bugs me. I can’t let that innocent boy collect insult alone when he was right and we all know it but hypocrisy won’t let us see road and be objective.

Therefore I jointly confirm:

BIG BOOTY is > Masters in Nigeria, a country where PhD holders queue to apply for Driver Position in Refineries (I worked in O & G for 3 years. Trust me, I know)
Instead of leaders to attack and discredit the person who said it they should accept the bitter truth, find out why this is so and work at improving things, making sure that in three years to come, this claim is no longer true.
How do you effect change when you are living in denial?

This is coming after she was seen exposing her bum on a toilet bowl.

See post.

Photo of actress Etinosa sitting on a toilet bowl with her naked bum on display hits the internet

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